Housing association says merger will not impact tenancies and services

Origin Housing is set to become a subsidiary of Places for People Group Limited from Spring 2024 following shareholder approval.

The merger gained the green light from shareholders following a consultation with Origin Housing residents and recommendations from its Board. The move can now proceed subject to all required steps being completed.

Origin Housing owns and manages over 7,800 homes across London and Hertfordshire and started life in 1924 as St. Pancras House Improvement Society.

Places for People started in 1965 and owns and manages 240,000 properties across the country. 

The merger will mean an additional £100million of investment in customers’ homes over the first ten years post-merger as well as improved local services. There will also be no changes for current Origin Housing staff.

The HA also says the merger will be seamless with tenancies un-impacted and services such as repairs, paying rent and service charges or raising issues with a neighbourhood manager, all continuing to be delivered by existing staff from existing offices.

Carol Carter, chief executive of Origin Housing, said: “The merger will be hugely beneficial for our residents, staff and the communities we serve. Crucially, it means more investment in our homes and improved local services, as well as the retention of all of our hard-working staff who know the communities and people in them better than anyone.

“For residents, my message to you is that you won’t need to do anything differently – your tenancy, how your rent is paid or what to do when you need help, all remains the same.”

Greg Reed, group chief executive officer of Places for People added: “This really is a merger that works for, and benefits, absolutely everyone. We will be able to use our resources to make an additional £100million available to invest in these homes so we can ensure they are improved and maintained to the best standard.

“At the same time, community runs through absolutely everything we do as an organisation. That’s why we’re really focused on ensuring local services are not only protected but built on by recruiting, retaining and developing skilled and hardworking staff, and in the longer term we will be looking to create community hubs. Customers and communities will always come first, and we want to strengthen local accountability by having effective resident involvement in day-to-day services and for their voice to be heard at the highest level.

“This year marks Origin Housing’s centenary and on this week of all weeks – the birthday of its founder Father Basil Jellicoe – and we aim to continue to build on this proud history and legacy.”

Origin Housing are now completing the legal process to become a subsidiary of Places for People and will provide an update in the coming months.

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