document scanning

Document Scanning

We streamline your ability to store, access and manage your documents digitally, whilst cutting costs and solving your ‘misplaced file’ dilemma! We use market leading scanners for high quality, high volume capture of documents in black and white, greyscale or colour.

Our scanners use Perfect Page technology, which in conjunction with the Kofax image processing software, gives unparalleled image quality. Our genius ‘optical character recognition’ (OCR) software allows the text from a scan to be automatically recognised and stored so that individual keywords can be searched at a later date by the user.

Document Storage

Rather than fill a room or container, tell us how many boxes you have, and we’ll collect them, store them and charge you by the box. It’s cheaper than you think.

We offer a complete document management package including box collection, barcode tracking, document storage, document retrieval, document scanning, document viewing and document destruction.

Every organisation has a legal duty under UK GDPR to safeguard the privacy of anyone they hold information on. We have a wealth of industry experience and expertise to ensure you comply with your important responsibilities – we are here to help!

secure document destruction

Secure Destruction

We provide a confidential document destruction service throughout the UK. We are dedicated to providing businesses with a high quality, flexible service, which helps them to cost effectively manage their sensitive waste disposal.

All paper is securely shredded, baled, and transported to the paper mills for recycling; where it is used in the manufacture of a number of paper based products. At every stage of the process from collection to transportation, to final destruction, your information will be securely protected.

We work with you to create a tailor made solution

We understand that scanning and storing every document may not be practical for all organisations, so we work with you to identify a cost effective strategy with long term benefits to suit you. We offer a flexible ‘scan on demand’ service to enable you to store your current documents off site. This method means no large initial outlay for bulk digital conversion, and still meets your file access requirements.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you make the transition from hard copy to electronic storage of documents.

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